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LCD Menu Translation

From the firmware version 5.2 and kit version there is an option to translate the system menu to other languages other than English default. The translation is based on the txt file. The file must be named: “translation.txt”.

A translation.txt file

To translate or to change the text replace the standard English words in the lexicon file. The lines started by a semicolon (“ ; “) are defined by the user and do not take part in translation.

WARNING! There is a limitation to basic ASCII characters, please do not use specific language characters. The words order is important, please do not delete or change rows order. Keep original lexicon file structure.

The lexicon file is added to the iSMA-B-AAC20 controller software bundle with all other files. It is recommended to do the translation based on the file from the software bundle. During the translation, the row order and file name (translation.txt,) are crucial, do not change it. The lexicon file should be sent to the device by AAC20 Updater software. If the user wants to correct the file in controller, the next sending will override previous lexicon file.

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