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Inputs and Outputs

The iSMA-B-AAC20 is equipped with 20 inputs and outputs:

  • 8 universal inputs;
  • 4 digital inputs;
  • 6 analog outputs;
  • 4 digital outputs.

Universal Inputs

The iSMA-B-AAC20 device is equipped with 8 universal inputs.

Universal inputs support four types of input signals:

  • voltage (0-10 V DC, input impedance 100 kΩ);
  • current (0-20 mA);
  • resistance and temperature measurement (10k thermistor, a full list of supported temperature sensors is available here: List of Supported Temperature Sensors);
  • dry contact (output current 1 mA).

Current measurement is realized by voltage measurement and 200 Ω resistance. According to Ohm’s law, the current is directly proportional to the voltage, and the resistance is the constant of proportionality. (I = U / R). According to the Ohm’s law equation, for 20 mA current with 200 Ω resistance the output voltage is 4 V. It means that the 4 V voltage measured on the universal input corresponds to 20 mA current. The result is expressed in millivolts.

Universal Input Voltage Connection

Universal input voltage connection

Universal Input Current Connection

Universal input current connection

Universal Input Resistance Connection

Universal input resistance connection

Universal Input Dry Contact Connection

Universal input dry contact connection

Digital Inputs

The iSMA-B-AAC20 device is equipped with 4 digital inputs. 

Digital inputs operate as standard dry contact inputs and, additionally, as high speed pulse counters up to 100 Hz.

Digital input dry contact connection

Digital Input Counter

A digital input can work as a counter of dry contact pulses up to 100 Hz. The connection is identical as in case of the dry contact input.

Analog Outputs

The iSMA-B-AAC20 is equipped with 6 analog outputs.

Analog outputs provide a 0-10 V DC output with maximum load up to 20 mA. They support three types of output signals:

  • voltage (0-10 V DC) with maximum load up to 20 mA;
  • digital;
  • pulse width modulation (PWM) 0,01 Hz, 0,1 Hz, 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz.

Analog Output Voltage Connection

Analog output voltage connection

Analog Output Relay Connection

Analog output relay connection

Analog Output Actuator Connection

Analog output actuator connection

Digital Outputs

The iSMA-B-AAC20 is equipped with 4 digital outputs.

Digital outputs operate as relay outputs with maximum loads of:

  • resistive load: 3 A at 230 V AC, and 3 A at 30 V DC;
  • inductive load: 75 VA for 230 V AC and 30 W for 24 V DC.

Digital Output Electrovalve Connection

Digital output electrovalve connection

Digital Output Resistive Load Connection

Digital output resistive load connection

Digital Output Inductive Load Connection

Digital output inductive load connection
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