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The NumericDelay component provides a way to delay the change of a numeric Out property value by configuring an associated Delay property. The delay applies to any change at the component's numeric input. The delay time is configurable in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds.

NumericDelay component


The NumericDelay component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component's status;
  • Out: a numeric output. These values are set at the end of any delay to reflect the In property value;
  • In: typically, this property is set by linking a numeric out value into it. The default state can be manually configured to a true or false value so that, when no other value is linked into this property, the default value is used. This property value is passed to the Out (after Delay) whenever there is a change in this property;
  • Delay: allows to set the amount of time (in hours, minutes, and seconds) that will expire before sending the In value to the Out property. The time begins to expire at the moment that a change in the In property occurs;
  • Delay Active: shows whether or not the Delay time is actively counting down to expiration. This (normally false) value changes to true anytime that a change in the In property occurs and stays at true until any Delay time is expired. If the Delay value is set to 0, then this value does not change to true.
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