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The LeadLagRuntime provides a lead-lag control of from 2 to 16 loads based upon their accumulated runtimes (elapsed active time). This component balances the active runtime of each of the devices. Only one of the controlled devices will be active at a time based on runtime.

LeadLagRuntime component


The LeadLagRuntimecomponent has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component's status;
  • In: Boolean input that controls whether any control device should be on. If this input is true, one of the outputs will be active based on runtime;
  • Number Outputs: specifies the number of devices (outputs) that are controlled;
  • Max Runtime: specifies the maximum amount a given output will be true before switching to another output;
  • Feedback: Boolean input, which provides positive feedback that a controlled device actually has started. Setting this value to true (and not linking) disables the alarm feature;
  • Rotate Timer Active:
  • Out A-P: Boolean outputs, each typically linked to the BooleanWritable control point with the DiscreteTotalizerExt. Outputs are typically used to control loads of some type, such as 2 or more pumps;
  • Runtime A-P: inputs that are used for runtime feedback for the corresponding Out A-P. These inputs will typically be linked to the ElapsedActiveTime property of the DiscreteTotalizerExt that is measuring the runtime of the corresponding Out A-P.
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