The BooleanLatch component provides a latch for a Boolean input. Any latch that is invoked using the Clock property must include a method for setting the Clock property status back to false before the Clock is available for latching again.

BooleanLatch component


The BooleanLatch component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component' status;
  • Clock: the Boolean property that has either a true or false state for all latch components. This property latches the input property to the output property on the rising edge of input. It means that a single input property is captured and sent to the output property at the instant that the Clock status changes from false to true state, and NOT when the property changes from true to false state;
  • Out: provides the actual latched value that is captured from the input property at the latch time. Link to this property to display the value on a graphic or to process the value with another component;
  • In: this is the standard component input property that may be linked into from a data source. For example, there may be a link into this property from a control point or the Schedule output.