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The RaiseLower component simplifies the control of 3-point valve actuators. This component has the following functions:

  • analog input, works with PID regulators;
  • 2 digital outputs for 3-point direct control valve actuators;
  • analog output for 3-point control valve actuators by voltage level (additional device required);
  • midnight reset function to automatically adjust physical and virtual valve position.

RaiseLower component

The RaiseLower component has the following slots:

  • Function: the current function description (Lower_State, Static_State, Raise_State, Adjustment_Opening, Adjustment_Closing);
  • Virtual Position: shows the valve virtual position in %;
  • Out: the analog output slot;
  • Rise Out: the digital output for rising function;
  • Lower Out: the digital output for lowing function;
  • In: allows to set the valve position demand;
  • Full Open Time: allows to set the time for opening valve position from 0% to 100%;
  • Full Close Time: allows to set the time for closing valve position from 100% to 0%;
  • Adjustment Active: triggers the remote adjustment procedure;
  • Adjustment Period: allows to set the adjustment procedure recall period in hours;
  • Next Adjustment In: shows the time (in minutes) to the next adjustment procedure.

The RaiseLower component has the following action:

  • Adjust: valve adjustment procedure recall (adjusts physical and virtual valve position).
Out ValueRiseLowerDescription
Analog output voltage level function
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