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The ActionTrigger component has been created to remotely recollect the action from a Sedona component. Sedona does not allow to create links to component’s actions, and actions can be recalled manually from programming software (for example, the iSMA Tool) or by a dedicated component. The ActionTrigger component has 3 input slots, each dedicated to a Sedona variable type (as a standard we use only the one corresponding to the component type). The programmes create a link to the component, from which the action will be recalled to the ActionTrigger component input slot. The Action Name slot defines which action is to be recalled.

ActionTrigger component

The ActionTrigger component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component's status;
  • In Boolean: the input slot to make a link connection between components–Boolean type;
  • In Integer: the input slot to make a link connection between components–integer type;
  • In Numeric: Input slot to make a link connection between components–numeric/float type;
  • Value Boolean: the Boolean output value;
  • Value Integer: the integer output value;
  • Value Numeric: the numeric output value;
  • Action Name: the action name from the linked component, which will be recalled;
  • Action Trigger: recalls action from the component linked to one of the input slots defined in Action Name.

The ActionTrigger component has the following actions:

  • Action: manually invokes an action from a linked component.
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